App of the week: DisneyLife – The Ultimate Disney App

App of the week

To celebrate the launch of Disney ∙ Pixar’s Cars 3 in cinemas on July 14th, Tesco Mobile have teamed up with the folks at Disney to bring you unlimited Disney magic right to your home and phone with the DisneyLife app!

What is DisneyLife?

DisneyLife is an all-in-one service from Disney that lets you to watch or download over 400 movies – with all the classics included – as well as thousands of TV episodes and box sets from Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD.
Additionally, because Disney has been behind a number of different film franchises over the years, you also have access to, for example, the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Alice in Wonderland, Tangled and of course, all of Disney·Pixar’s back catalogue as well. So whether you’re looking for Finding Nemo, Frozen or Sleeping Beauty, there’s something there for everyone.
That’s not all though. DisneyLife doesn’t just have films and TV shows, it’s also got eBooks, audio books, character bios, soundtracks like Moana or Beauty and the Beast, and even more to really let your kids (and you) dig into your favourite Disney worlds.

How does it work?

You can enjoy the service through either an app on your phone, tablet, smart TV or through a browser on your computer. Once you’re in, you need to set up a master account. From here, you can create up to five other profiles for each family member, with each one saving the viewing progress of the person whose account it is.
This is not only handy because you can make sure your kids don’t need to worry about missing anything if they get interrupted, but also it means that no matter what happens, they’re always picking up right where they left off, no hunting for their place required!
There are parental controls that let you filter what level of content each account can access (U, PG, 12) and you can also set time limits for how long a child is able to access the app per day so you can ensure they’re getting the varied play time kids need.
Lastly, and very usefully, you can download content on the app to whatever phone or tablet you’re using so you can take it with you and watch it, even without an internet connection. Very handy for long car journeys!

What does it cost?

The app itself is a free download, but once you have it, you need to make an account and sign up for a monthly subscription of £4.99 per month.
Normally you can get a free 7-day trial, but that’s where our special deal comes in!
For a limited time only, buy any pay monthly, pay as you go or SIM only plan from Tesco Mobile and you’ll get a three-month subscription to DisneyLife as part of the deal.

How do I get it?

Either download the app from the Play Store, iTunes, Amazon’s Marketplace, or go to https://disneylife.com/ and sign up there to begin watching right away.


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