App of the week: Devil’s Attorney

App of the week
Devil's Attorney

What is Devil’s Attorney?

An oldie but a goodie, step into the smarmy shoes of Max McMann to get crooks off the hook in Devil’s Attorney. Set in the electronic 80s, the more cases you win, the more money you earn to kit out your apartment and buy bonuses to improve your courtroom skills.

How do you play?

When you step inside the courtroom, you are given a set number of action points to use on taking down the prosecution from discrediting the witnesses to tampering with evidence. Any piece of evidence left at the end of the round will damage your case.

You can choose your own strategy for each case – do you want to patronise your opponent or interrogate them? Maybe you’d prefer to cross-examine the witnesses or discredit a piece of evidence – it’s entirely up to you. With over 50 cases to work through, you can try out a variety of tactics to see which works the best.

Devil's Attorney screenshots

What makes it devilishly good?

Devil’s Attorney is witty, clever and above all, fun to play. Before each battle, you’re treated to wacky dialogues between Max and his opponents, chock-full of one-liners and jibes. Despite being overconfident and arrogant, it’s hard not to love Max and his ability to always know exactly what to say.

The game also looks great with a cartoon cast of characters and a snazzy 80s soundtrack to boot. The smart banter and innovative approach to combat in the courtroom make Devil’s Attorney a standout game with three difficulty settings to tackle.

I’m ready to step into the courtroom

If becoming the best defense attorney around sounds right up your street, grab your briefcase and download Devil’s Attorney on iOS and Android today.

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