App of the week: Choremonster

App of the week

What is Choremonster?

Parents across the world know how difficult it can be to get your kids to do their chores, or even just tidy up after themselves at all. Every victory is a battle, one that you often don’t have the time or energy for. The people behind Choremonster understand that, and that’s why they made an app that’s designed not only to get kids to do chores, it will get them wanting to do them.

How have they managed that?

In a word “gamification”. Parents can use the app to assign their kids chores, and also assign each chore a number of points.  These points can then be spent by the children on various rewards chosen by the parents. These can range from things like an hour of TV or video gaming, to an activity like going swimming, to bigger rewards that they can save points towards like a new toy or even a holiday.

It means that chores become a means to an end for the kids, rather than a roadblock to their fun, and Choremonster report many parents telling them that their kids have been actively asking for more chores to do!

How does it work?

The app has two sets of logins. One for the kids, where they can see the chores that have been assigned to them as well as what the rewards on offer are, and how many points they need for them.

The other is for parents, who can assign what chores the kids need to do, set the points values and choose rewards for them to earn. There’s even Amazon integration, which means that parents can look up and assign specific products on Amazon as rewards, within the app.

Once this is set up, as the kids complete chores, the parents will get notifications on their phones telling them it’s done. The child doesn’t automatically get a reward though. Once they say that the chore is done, the parent has to approve the reward which stops any cheating of the system by kids (because what child won’t try?).

It’s simple and easy to use for both sides, and with over 3 million chores registered completed, apparently very effective.

It’s perfect! How do I get it?

You can download it for free on Android, iOS and on Kindle as well.

Before you know it your kids will be begging you for more chores and your house will never have been so clean.

App of the week