App of the week: Candy Party: Coin Carnival Dozer

App of the week
Candy Party: Coin Carnival Dozer

What is Candy Party: Coin Carnival Dozer?

Candy Party: Coin Carnival Dozer brings all the fun of the fair to your mobile! Based on the classic arcade game, drop gold coins into the machine to push other coins out, as well as scrumptious prizes for special bonuses. The latest in a long line of coin dozer games from Mindstorm Studios, collect coins to boost your score and upgrade your abilities as you work your way through each level.

So, about those prizes…

Candy Party wouldn’t be complete without a feast of tempting treats to win as you play. From chocolate bunnies to banana splits, cupcakes to donuts, you can collect them or opt to trade them for more coins to keep playing. You can also collect special chips to enhance your rewards, such as the XP Chip that gives you bonus XP, Blitz Chip that awards you with a coin shower, Prize Chip that gives you a special prize, and many more.

Anything else I should know?

There is a total of 70 levels to unlock in Candy Party, guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. Face off against your friends to beat their score, as well as send and receive coins to one another. If you’re feeling lucky, you can take a spin of the fortune wheel to win a reward or head over to the party slots and bet to multiply your rewards.

How do I join the Candy Party?

If you’re ready to join in the fun, download Candy Party: Coin Carnival Dozer on iOS and Android to see if you can smash the high score!

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