App of the week: Block! Hexa Puzzle

App of the week
Block! Hexa Puzzle

What is Block! Hexa Puzzle?

If you’re a fan of Tetris, then you’re sure to love the new puzzle game to hit the block. The aptly-named Block! Hexa Puzzle is a family-friendly game that’s easy and fun to play – all you need to do is move the multi-coloured blocks to fill up the shape onscreen and collect pieces to level up. With over 300 puzzles, there’s no shortage of levels to tackle in this charming game for all ages.

How do you play?

Block! Hexa Puzzle couldn’t be easier to play, as you simply need to drag the blocks to move them into the frame. The difficulty comes as you cannot rotate the blocks to fit – you have to grab the right block to fit the shape, but thankfully there’s no time limit to worry about. This means you can master the game at your own pace, making it perfect for little ones to play, especially on a tablet.

Block! Hexa Puzzle Screenshots

Tell me more…

A joy to look at, Block! Hexa Puzzle uses eye-catching graphics with a Disney-esque pointer and relaxing soundtrack to accompany you throughout the levels. You can also play it anytime, anywhere, as it doesn’t require an Internet connection. It also doesn’t bombard you with ads, so you can enjoy progressing through the levels disruption-free.

Where can I download it?

If you’re looking for a new app for the whole family to enjoy, download Block! Hexa Puzzle on iOS and Android today!

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