App of the week: Blackbox

App of the week

What is Blackbox?

If you think you know puzzle games, think again. Blackbox redefines what it means to think outside the box with challenges you need to overcome without even touching the screen. If you’re tired of traditional puzzle games, take on Blackbox’s 71 obstacles.

How do you play?

When we say we’ve never played anything quite like Blackbox before, we mean it. Unlike most iPhone games, you don’t use the screen at all – you use everything else! This means you’ll need to be pretty familiar with your phone’s hardware and what all the buttons do to help you solve each puzzle.

Blackbox doesn’t make things easy. It only gives you clues as to what it’s asking you to do and you’ll need to figure out the rest. This could be anything from adjusting the brightness of your screen, blowing into the microphone, using the headphone jack, covering the speaker and so much more!

What makes Blackbox different?

We haven’t seen a game utilise the iPhone’s hardware, not just software, quite like this. While it’s easy to say a game is groundbreaking, Blackbox really does reinvent the wheel with their take on the classic puzzle game. However, this means it can be difficult to solve some of the quandaries – you may find you need to take a break and come back to it again later if you’re stuck.

The game itself looks clean and simple because that’s all it needs to be. A fancy design would detract from the brainpower needed to tackle the puzzles. As the name suggests, Blackbox uses a plain black background and brightly coloured lines, dots and shapes to contrast against it. You won’t hear any sounds or music either, which adds to the tense atmosphere.

Ready to give it a go?

If you’re up for the challenge, Blackbox is available to download for free on iOS today. There’s no word yet when it will be available on Android or Windows.

App of the week