App of the week: Best Fiends Forever

App of the week
Best Fiends Forever

What is Best Fiends Forever?

Reunite with the beloved Fiends on their epic journey through the land of Minutia battling all sorts of slimy Slugs along the way! Fun for the whole family, simply tap the screen to slap your enemies and earn coins to spend on upgrades – the faster you tap, the faster you’ll defeat your foes.

How does it work?

As you fight your way through the many Slugs that block your path through Minutia, you’ll rescue and recruit fellow Fiends to join you on your quest. These Fiends have your back and will automatically attack enemies without the need to tap the screen. What’s more, you can unlock special abilities as you progress through the game and spend those hard-earned coins on upgrading the attack power of all your Fiends. You’ll also be rewarded for coming back to the game with goodies like a bag of coins, as well as special bonuses.

Best Fiends Forever screenshots

What makes Best Fiends Forever fantastic?

Bright, bizarre and downright brilliant, Best Fiends Forever is as fun to look at as it is to play. Each Fiend has their own loveable quirk – just look at those googly eyes – and you’ll pick a favourite in no time. As you play, you’ll unlock a portal that allows you to reset your progress for Boom Stones, which you can spend on special souvenirs and other nifty bonuses. Easy to play, but difficult to master, this clicker game has just the right amount of addictive allure to have you coming back for more.

I’m ready to join the Fiends!

Download Best Fiends Forever on iOS and Android today and get squishing some Slugs!

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