App of the week: 50 50 – The Addictive Slicing Game

App of the week
50 50 – The Addictive Slicing Game

What is 50 50?

A simple but fixating premise, 50 50 is all about slicing various pictures precisely in half – and when we say precisely, we mean exactly in half with even a 0.1% difference clocked! To get cutting, simply tap and drag a straight line across where you would like to slice the shape. But beware, it’s not called ‘addictive’ for no reason – the simplicity, yet difficulty of 50 50 will make you determined to get a perfect score at least once every time you open the app!

50 50 Screenshots

What makes 50 50 different?

50 50 stands out from other apps out there, as it draws on your intellect and keen eye for detail to cut each shape accurately. Unlike your typical smartphone game, there are no baddies or competitors – your only competition is yourself! The game works by rewarding you with stars; the more precise your cut, the more stars you gain, so you’ll want to keep improving your score as you progress through the game. Speaking of progression, the game gets harder as it asks you to cut your halves into half – tricky stuff!

Where can I download 50 50?

If 50 50 sounds right up your street, you can download it for free on iOS and Android now. What’s more, the game has just been updated to include Spin, Pulse, Arcade and Endurance modes to test your motor skills and keep you coming back for more…

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