6 apps to make you more productive

It has never been simpler to stay productive. With mobile devices increasingly designed to provide you with the ability to work from anywhere and everywhere, it makes sense that apps have evolved to make the process even easier. We at Tesco Mobile understand that modern life is hectic, so here are our recommendations for the best productivity apps.


Download: Android, iOS

You never know when inspiration is going to strike, and that’s what Evernote is banking on. Their note-taking app is one of the most widely-used of its kind and it’s easy to see why. The brains behind it took a simple idea and made it adaptable to suit every users’ needs. Anything can constitute a ‘note’ – a reminder, a to-do list, notes for a meeting, or an image you want to share later. Capture it on Evernote, and you can share it across all your devices later. Its cross-device syncing and ease-of-use make it perfect for those looking to be productive on-the-go.

wordMicrosoft Word

Download: Android, iOS

The Microsoft Word app translates beautifully onto phones and tablets – the same classic Word aesthetic captured for when you can’t be at your computer. The app allows users to create documents or make changes to existing ones, and these changes will be saved across devices. All of Word’s familiar features are retained, and bolstered by an intuitive touch experience for mobile devices. Collaborating is made easy, as users can share documents straight from the app, track changes, or restore previous documents, without worrying about losing any work.


Download: Android, iOS

With an elegant design and a user-friendly platform, Wunderlist makes projects, tasks, and to-do lists easier to manage than ever. Create as many lists as you like, organise them in folders by category or importance, then set reminders so that nothing is left to chance. Lists can be accessed from your phone or computer and they can also be shared across different devices with colleagues, friends, and family. The app is sleek and easy to navigate, meaning being productive no longer needs to be a hassle.

AdobeAdobe Acrobat Reader

Download: Android, iOS

The Adobe Acrobat Reader app lets you take your work with you wherever you go. Turning your humble phone into a business device, you can keep connected and keep the work flowing at the click of a button. The app allows users to view documents from email, the web, or any app that supports ‘share.’ You can also snap a photo of a document or whiteboard and save it as a PDF, which can then be easily shared with colleagues. On top of this, users can sign or fill in forms, and share and store files, thanks to the app’s connection to a host of document storage providers.


Download: Android, iOS

Working with a host of what they call ‘applets’, IFTTT has created a new way to bring all your most-used online services together in one easy-to-access app. Over 360 services work with IFTTT, making life that bit simpler. For example, you can programme IFTTT to turn on your device’s WiFi every time you arrive home, to streamline all your social media, or to mute your phone when you get to work or go to bed. There are applets for every aspect of your life, from your home and office, to improving and exploring how you use social media, meaning once you download IFTTT, you may well wonder how you managed without it.


Download: Android

If you find yourself using SMS text messaging for work, download Gyst – an app that’s designed to help you get more done through text. Gyst integrates texts, contacts, tasks, and calendars all into one convenient and easy-to-use platform to ensure increased productivity. The app comes loaded with a range of features, including the ability to organise your texting inbox, flag and prioritise important messages, manage business conversations, and create to-do lists directly from text. With the Pro version, you can also send files (including PDFs and Excel spreadsheets), and secure meeting times from your calendar via text.