5 of the best apps for music lovers

With a wealth of audio apps available, your smartphone can become the ultimate music-discovery tool. It’s never been easier to access music from around the world, discover new artists, and find the perfect song for any mood or moment. Keep an extensive library of music at your fingertips with these brilliant music streaming and discovery apps.


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Tidal combines the convenience of a music streaming app with impressive, Hi-Fi audio quality. The library boasts over 40 million tracks from popular and lesser-known artists, along with more than 130,000 high definition music videos. A standout feature is the curated content: you’ll find everything from interviews to album presentations and playlists, put together by music journalists, artists, and experts.

Google Play MusicGoogle Play Music

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Google Play Music acts as your own personal DJ; the intuitive software uses a machine learning algorithm and personal factors – such as your location and activity – to suggest a range of personalised playlists and radio stations. Walking into the gym will prompt workout music to appear, dance hits will pop up on a Saturday night, and a stress-reducing playlist will be suggested if you walk into the airport.


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One of the world’s largest music streaming platforms, SoundCloud has a massive audio catalogue with over 120 million tracks from a diverse selection of artists. Not only is it a fantastic app for discovering new music, it also allows creators to upload and share their sounds. Up-and-coming artists can connect with users, and listeners can easily uncover the newest and hottest tracks across various genres.


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Discovr is specifically designed to help you find new music, and to uncover artists similar to the ones you already love. Simply search for an artist or song, and a number of similar artists and songs will appear. The interface is an interactive ‘family tree’ style map, so you can see exactly how the music you like is connected.


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One of the first music streaming services, Spotify is renowned for its extensive music library, easy-to-use interface, and ready-made playlists. As you listen, it will learn your music preferences and make recommendations based on your tastes. The ‘Discover Weekly’ feature curates personalised playlists at the beginning of each week, and you can easily search custom playlists by genre, decade, mood, and more.