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Working together to end homelessness

We’ve partnered with Crisis to support their work in ending homelessness and to gain a better understanding into the important role connectivity can play in reconnecting people to society.

For people without a safe, stable home, mobile connection can provide a lifeline. Mobile connection brings us all closer to each other, to society, and provides access to essential services: universal credit, the GP, housing and the organisations we turn to for support.

We know that ending homelessness is within our reach, and we want to help in the way we know best. In our first year of partnership we’ll donate £700,000 worth of phones, devices and connectivity, via data, minutes and texts, to help reconnect thousands of people.

Find out below how you can help in our ambition to end homelessness.


Donate and make a difference.

Many of us have old smartphones in our homes, gathering dust. Why not let those old pieces of tech do some good for those in need?

Donated phones will be converted to cash and any proceeds, through our partnership with Crisis, will help us provide even more digital connections, in the form of additional phones and devices, data, minutes and texts.

Don’t have a phone to donate? You can also send a one-off text donation.

  • 76% of Brits do not feel informed about how mobile phones & connectivity can play a role in helping to end homelessness.
  • 78% admit they haven’t been without a phone themselves for more than 24 hours in the last year.
  • 75% of people told us their phone was their main way to stay connected during lockdown.


Research conducted by Tesco Mobile. Sample Size 1100. Date: 03.06.20 – 06.07.20