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Free data and minutes for our NHS frontline workers – Now Extended until 30th June

We give our frontline NHS England pay monthly customers a free monthly bundle of 5000 minutes and 500GB data. We know how hard you’re working and how tough it can be. This is our way to help keep you connected. Thank you for your remarkable work to help the nation.

The scheme is now closed to new applicants, but if you registered by 31 July then you will continue to get the free data and minutes until 30th June 2021.


Who can get the free data and minutes?

Any of our pay monthly customers who are frontline NHS England workers who have successfully registered as told to us by the NHS.

How do I register for the free data and minutes?

You need to have successfully registered as eligible with your NHS team. To do this, please find the guidance from the NHS below:

The HR director or director of workforce in your organisation is responsible for setting up a process to triage eligible staff. They may nominate a deputy to co-ordinate this.

The co-ordinator will be your single point of contact. You should check whether you’re eligible for the offer before contacting the co-ordinator and requesting a nomination.

Process for NHS employees

  1. Your co-ordinator will contact you to let you know how to request a nomination.
  2. Request a nomination with your co-ordinator.
  3. Your co-ordinator will identify whether you’re eligible​​​​​​.

4.Your data will be sent to a secure NHS mailbox and then direct to the service provider by a secure transfer.

  1. Service providers will action the request or get directly in touch with you to discuss options.
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation email or text message to let you know that the process is complete.

For an employee process map to help you understand these steps visually, please visit the NHS free data website.

How will I know the data and minutes are ready to use?

We’ll text you when we’re adding them, and then it will take up to two working days. At the end of two working days the data and minutes will show in your app and My Account as unused. If you see them in the app as already used, don’t worry, that’s just a quirk in our system while we’re adding them for you.

Once NHS staff apply through the NHS how long does it take for the bundles to be applied?

Once we get the details from the NHS, it may take up to seven days to be applied to your account.

When can I use the free data and minutes?

Once we’ve sent you confirmation these have been added, you can use them 24/7, there are no restrictions on when you can use the data and minutes.

Will my NHS bundles renew along with my monthly allowance and bundles?

Your NHS bundles will renew up to 2 working days after your bill date and then last for the rest of your billing month.

Is it 500MB or 500GB of data?

It is 500GB, which is our biggest bundle and is as close to unlimited as possible.

Why aren’t you offering additional texts?

We’ve looked carefully at what our pay monthly customers use and it’s very rare that our customers ever use more than their monthly texts, so free data and minutes is much more valuable to our customers.

Why isn’t it unlimited like some of the other networks?

These are our biggest possible bundles and they are such large monthly amounts that it is effectively the same as unlimited.

Why is this for pay monthly customers and not pay as you go?

We’re sorry that we can’t offer this to pay as you go customers at the moment. We’ll continue to review as the situation evolves and do what we can to support our customers.