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Our exclusive IMO S2 with monqi is specifically designed to be a kid’s first mobile phone. It gives you full parental control and complete peace of mind.

How can a monqi kid’s smartphone make a difference to you?

If they don’t have one already, then your child is probably desperate to have a smartphone, but you might be worried about keeping them safe while they’re using it. The IMO S2 with monqi is designed to be incredibly safe for children. So you can be sure they’re fully protected and they can start learning digital skills without you having to worry. With a paired app for your phone, you have complete parental control all the time – whether you need to set limits on their use or disapprove a game app. And, with a safe-search browser, there’s no risk of them accessing any inappropriate content. Our IMO S2 with monqi is designed and performs just like any adult mobile phone, so kids will love it, but it’s designed with safety in mind.

Want to know more about how it works? Take a look at the video, IMO S2 with Monqi now available to buy on Tesco Mobile 

How does IMO S2 with monqi protect children?

monqi works using mobile software designed for full parental control and safe internet browsing. It’s built into the phone’s operating system, so it can’t be turned off by tech savvy kids. 

Not only can you manage usage and screen time, you can also approve or disapprove apps and contacts. That way you can rest assured your kids are only playing appropriate games and aren’t in contact with anyone you don’t know. 

The kids’ smartphone features a built-in SCOUT browser that includes safe search and lets parents view a child’s searches in real time. With these real-time updates, parents have the ability to lock or block the phone remotely, while still enabling kids with the ability to call home.

None of the apps that can be downloaded have ads or in-app purchases, so that your kids won’t accidentally run up expensive phone bills but can still have the full smartphone experience.

Why we think IMO S2 with monqi is our best phone for both kids & parents?



With this phone children don’t feel like they’re getting a kid’s phone or a mobile phone that’s different from their friends. The IMO S2 with monqi is a high-quality Android phone with a sleek user interface and its security and parental controls don’t compromise its functionality. With over 1500 pre-approved apps with no ads or in-app purchases, kids can feel free to choose apps for their phone without you worrying about what they’re looking at.  

We think that kids will love this phone and believe it is one of the best ways to keep them safe online. 


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