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Different Mobile Contract

A Different Mobile Contract

At Tesco Mobile we know the importance of encouraging your children to have healthy phone habits, so we’ve partnered with Family Technology Expert, Andy Robertson to help families have conversations with their children about their mobile phones.

Together we have created our Family Mobile Contract that helps both parents and kids understand the responsibilities of having a mobile phone. It focuses on three areas:

1. Responsible usage
2. Safety
3. Communication

This friendly contract is a great way to start your children off on the road to being a good digital citizen with their new phone. And we’ve worked to make sure it also helps guardians keep their kids engaged with communicating how they are using their phones.

Download our Family Mobile Contract today and start the conversation with your children. Every little helps.

Flexible Lengths

Flexible contracts lengths let family adjust tariffs when they need it

Sometimes you might want to adjust your family bill whether you’re saving for a big holiday or just wanting to adjust your tariff to match the usage. With our Anytime Upgrade Flex you can change your family’s usage up or down to match each individual’s needs, so if its works out that you need more or less of something, that you have complete flexibility to do so.

And because we know how important it is to give families the choice, you can also swap in your old mobile for the latest handsets at anytime. So now everybody can get the phone they want!

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Control Costs

Control monthly costs, so you have peace of mind you’ll never overspend

Whether you’re limiting the data used by a social-media obsessed teen, or helping your child manage the responsibilities of their very first phone, you can save money by setting spending caps for individual members. With our Capped Contracts you can stay in control of your family’s phone bills and never have any nasty surprises.

With our parental controls you can also control the content your kids have access to for complete peace of mind.

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