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Upgrade on pay monthly

Not sure when your contract ends?

You can check your upgrade options online at no extra cost or get in touch with our Social Media team via Facebook and Twitter who will be able to check this for you and answer any questions you have. You won’t be able to upgrade if you’ve upgraded or changed your tariff in the last month or you haven’t paid your recent bills.

Early upgrade fees

If you’re an Anytime Upgrade Flex customer, your early upgrade fee is the remaining balance on your credit agreement. Unless you’ve made any one-off payments this can be worked out by multiplying your monthly phone payment by how long you’ve got left on your contract. We don’t include your monthly usage payment in this calculation, so your early upgrade fee will be lower than on standard pay monthly.

If you’re on another type of pay monthly tariff, your early upgrade fee will be worked out by multiplying the amount you agreed to pay each month by how long’s left on your contract minus the VAT plus a bit extra. You’ll get a 30% discount on this fee if you choose an Anytime Upgrade deal when you upgrade (we pay all the VAT for you, plus a bit extra).

If you’re on SIM only, when you can upgrade depends on how long you’ve been with us. If you’re on a 12 month SIM only deal, there’s no early upgrade fee to pay at all if you upgrade to another device.

Handset and SIM upgrades can be completed online. You can login using your My Account username and password.

To find out if you can upgrade at no extra cost or how much your early upgrade fee would be, visit our upgrade shop, get in touch with our Social Media team on Facebook and Twitter or contact us.


Swapping SIMs

If your new device takes the same size SIM as your current device, you can simply pop your old SIM in. And, of course, you keep your existing number.

If your new device comes with a different size SIM, to move your number and tariff details you need to do a SIM swap.

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