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What happens after you upgrade

Here’s what you need to know to make your upgrade go smoothly:

Your 8GB data bundle
To see you through before your new tariff starts, we’ll add an 8GB data bundle to your account. It’s free of charge and you can use the data until your next bill date. The bundle will be added automatically so you don’t need to do anything.

Your new tariff start date
Your new tariff will start on your next bill date, which is in your confirmation email. You can also check your bill date in our Tesco Mobile app or by logging in to My Account.

Setting up your new phone
To help you get to know your phone, our handy device guides will give you step by step demos on how your phone works and tips to help you get your new phone ready to go.

Swapping your SIM card
If you’re keeping your number and your new phone takes a different size SIM card, then you might need to swap your current number onto your new SIM.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to swapping your number onto a new SIM card.

If your new phone takes the same SIM card size as your current SIM card, you don’t need to do a SIM swap. Just take your current SIM card and put it in your new phone

What to do if you’ve changed your mind
We understand that sometimes, things change. So, if you’ve recently upgraded but have changed your mind, you can check out our helpful guide to find out what to do next, whether you’re a pay monthly or pay as you go customer.

Getting the best from Tesco Mobile

Managing your account in the Tesco Mobile app
Download our free Tesco Mobile app and you can do all this account stuff anytime you like. View your bills, buy more data, stay in control of your spending, and get in touch with us for anything you need help with.

Using your Clubcard to save on your bill
Not only can you collect 1 Clubcard point for every £1 you spend on your Tesco Mobile bill, you can also use your Clubcard to lower your monthly bill too.

Here’s how to start saving:

  • To link your Clubcard up to your phone, just text CLUBCARD to 28578 free from your Tesco Mobile phone.
  • You can convert your Clubcard vouchers into Tesco Mobile partner vouchers in the Clubcard app or on the Clubcard website. You don’t have to wait for your quarterly statement, get your vouchers quicker than before with Faster Vouchers.
  • Head to My Account and use your vouchers to reduce your monthly bill.

Family Perks
Perks are our way of making your family’s mobiles more rewarding and hassle free. If you’ve got more than one contract on your account, even if it’s a SIM only contract, you each get to choose your own monthly Perk and you only have one bill for everyone.

With extra data, minutes, and Clubcard points or money off your bill, there’s a free perk for everyone in the family to enjoy every month.

I bought online, when will I receive my new phone?

Orders before 4pm will be sent by DPD for delivery next day. Once your order has been processed, you’ll receive a tracking email so you’ll know when it will arrive.

How do I get a Clubcard Partner voucher to save on my mobile bill?

To get a Clubcard Partner voucher to save on your mobile bill, follow these steps:

  1. Simply log in or register your Clubcard account details on the Clubcard website or Clubcard app
  2. Search for ‘Tesco Mobile’
  3. Enter the amount of vouchers you want to double up to use at Tesco Mobile (the minimum is 50p in vouchers) and follow the instructions

You’ll get two emails. One email confirming your Clubcard Partner voucher order and the other giving you your Clubcard Partner voucher code that you’ll need to enter in My Account or tell us if you call Customer Care.

How do I get Perks if I’m already with Tesco Mobile?

If you’ve already got a pay monthly or SIM only contract, just add one or more contracts to your account and each contract will get a free monthly Perk. You can choose your Perks in My Account or by downloading the Tesco Mobile app on Android or iPhone.