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How to view my Tesco Mobile bill

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You’ll get a text or email from us each month when your bill is ready, depending on which method you’ve chosen. Although we don’t send paper bills, all our online bills come in a print-friendly format.

To view your Tesco Mobile bill

Once your bill is produced it will show your tariff charges along with the cost of any usage outside of your allowances.

Your tariff is the cost of your usage and phone. If you’re on our Anytime Upgrade tariff you may have two tariff costs; one for the usage and one for the credit agreement.

You can monitor your usage

Got a question about your bill or unsure on your charges? Just get in touch with our Social Media team on Facebook or Twitter for more help.


Understanding your first bill

When you first take out your contract, you pay your first month’s payment in advance. So that you have a record of this payment, we show it on your first bill under Payments Received. This is for information only. These charges may be shown against the number you were given at the time of joining, but this will change if you brought your own number with you.

You’ll only pay the figure that appears under Amount Due. Just underneath that, you’ll also see the date we take your payment from your bank account or credit/debit card.

So that you get the full benefit of your first month’s allowance, we’ll automatically roll over anything left at the end of the first month’s allowance to the next month.

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Change the format of your bills

If you’d like to view your bill as a summary, itemised or VAT invoice, you’ll need to change your bill’s format. Once you’ve logged into My Account:

  1. Click on View or change my account details
  2. Click on the Bill format drop down box and select either Summary, Itemised or VAT
  3. Click on Update at the bottom of the page
  4. You’ll get a message at the top of the page confirming your changes


Your final bill

This is the last bill you’ll get from us and includes all costs right up until your last day with us. If you decide to leave Tesco Mobile before your contract ends, you’ll also have to pay an early termination charge, which is shown on your final bill. If you’re an Anytime Upgrade Flex customer and decide to leave Tesco Mobile before your phone contract ends, you will have to pay off the balance of your credit agreement for your phone and you’ll have to pay off the usage for the month that you’re in.

Any usage you make during the 30-day notice period will be included in your final bill. If you go over your allowances during this time, you’ll be charged standard rates.

Please don’t cancel your Direct Debit until the final bill has been paid. If your account is in credit, we’ll use those details to refund you.

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