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Tariff expiring

What’s happening?

From 23 February 2018 we’ll be saying goodbye to some of our older tariffs. You’ll still be able to use your phone as normal because we’re going to move you onto the nearest equivalent Capped tariff on your next bill date.

Why are the tariffs expiring?

Some of our older tariffs don’t give our customers the best that we can offer, so we’re moving you onto our Capped tariff. Capped lets you set a limit on how much you spend over your monthly tariff amount (we call this your Safety Buffer), which means your bill will never be more than you expect. You’ll also be able to buy recurring and one-off data bundles and use the most up to date version of the Tesco Mobile app to keep an eye on your usage and lots more.

When’s it happening?

We’re closing the old tariffs on 23 February 2018, so we’ll move you onto your new tariff on your next bill date. We’ll text you to confirm when you’ll move and what your new tariff will be.

Can I choose a different tariff?

You’ll still have the same flexibility as before and you can upgrade or change your contract if you like – just give us a call on 4422 from your Tesco Mobile phone.
If you’ve got any questions, please call us on 4455 free from your Tesco Mobile phone.

Can I still use the Tesco Mobile app?

On 22 February 2018 we‘re updating the Tesco Mobile app. Your current tariff won’t work on the new version of the app, but once we move you to your new tariff you’ll be able to use it again. If you want to keep using the app in the meantime, you’ll need to disable automatic app updates on your phone until you move to your new tariff.