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Pay as you go bundles

If you need more minutes, texts and data you can buy a bundle. This will help to avoid paying standard rates, meaning you get the best value.

What bundles can I get?

Pay as you go call and text bundles
Pay as you go data bundles
Pay as you go free top-up bundle

Why should I get a bundle?

You make big savings by using a bundle because you get more minutes, texts or data for your money and you avoid paying standard rates.
For example, if you buy our pay as you go text bundle, you save almost 10p for every text you send. With our pay as you go call bundle, you can also save 22p a minute on every call you make!

How can I get one?

The easiest way is through our app – available to Android and iPhone customers. You can also log in to My Account, and go to ‘My discounts and bundles’ or call 282 free from your Tesco Mobile phone to buy, change or cancel a bundle.