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Stop spam calls and texts

Spam texts are unsolicited, non-chargeable messages used as advertising by some companies. They usually include a premium rate number to call or a shortcode to text. If you receive one of these texts, please don’t respond unless you’re sure it’s genuine.

If you think the text is spam:

– Text CALL to 7726 for free and we’ll ask you for the number. We’ll report it to the Information Commissioner’s office (ICO) who’ll take action if they can

– You can also tell the premium rate number regulator PhonepayPlus about messages containing premium rate numbers and they’ll investigate

Unwanted marketing calls

The best way to stop unwanted marketing calls is to register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) for free. This is the only official register, and once you’re on it, you should stop getting marketing calls within 28 days, unless you’ve asked a company to call or text you.

If you’re getting calls from a particular number, we can’t block calls for you, but you might be able to use your phone settings to block numbers.

Be aware of copycat services, particularly those that charge. A copycat service offers a similar or identical service to official bodies, but usually charges to process official documents such as passports or visas or make online applications that you could do yourself for free or much cheaper.

Unwanted marketing texts

Registering with the TPS won’t stop you from receiving marketing texts. To stop these texts, you can try and send an ‘opt out’ message to the company that’s texting you.

To check or change your marketing preferences or to stop receiving marketing messages from Tesco Mobile, please go to our Preference Centre. Alternatively, call 282 free from your Tesco Mobile phone. Just so you know, by opting out you may not get to hear about our special offers in the future.