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Roaming and Using Your Phone Abroad

Your Tesco Mobile device is already set up to work while you’re abroad. Just switch it on when you arrive and it will automatically connect to a local network, who’ll send you a welcome text.

Connect to a network manually

If your phone doesn’t pick up a local network, you can do it manually. Find your destination on our international calling page and you’ll see the networks you can use in that country. If there’s no roaming agreement, you might not be able to use all the normal services on your phone, like calling Customer Care and the automated payment line.

Our device guides are full of useful information on how to use your phone. Find your phone and follow the steps on how to connect to a network manually.

Calls and texts

Calling and texting when you’re in a Home From Home destination comes out of your monthly allowance or free credit. Calling and texting out of our Home From Home destinations is not included. When you’re calling or texting the UK, you don’t need to add the UK country code, just dial or text the number like you would at home. And don’t forget that you’ll be charged for incoming calls while you’re abroad if you’re visiting a country outside of our Home From Home destinations.

There are no changes to our Home From Home service due to Brexit. You can still use your data, minutes and texts in Europe as you would at home. We have no current plans to re-introduce roaming charges in European countries following the UK’s departure from the EU on 1 January 2021. If anything changes, we’ll contact all our customers to let them know.

Voicemail messages

It’s free to receive to receive messages while you’re abroad. Listening to your voicemail comes out of your allowance or bundle when you’re in a Home From Home destination. If you’re somewhere else, we’ll charge you the cost of a call back to the UK. You can listen to your messages abroad by dialling 905 from your Tesco Mobile phone. You won’t be able to switch voicemail on or off while you’re abroad. Before you go, you can switch it off by dialling 2915 and switch it back on by dialling 2905.

Using data abroad

You can use data abroad just as you do at home and it will come out of your monthly allowance if you are in a Home From Home destination (There is no change to this following the UK’s departure from the EU on 1 January 2021). In other locations, roaming charges will apply. The best way to avoid paying for data abroad is to turn off data roaming on your phone or tablet before you leave and then use free Wi-Fi wherever it’s available. To find out how to do this on your device check out our device guides.

Know the costs

Make sure you check the call, text and data charges from abroad to the UK before you go away. You can also check roaming costs in our free Tesco Mobile app on Android or iPhone.

How does it work on your tariff?

Pay as you go

Simply use your device as normal while you’re abroad and top-up on 4444 from a Tesco Mobile phone if you need to. It’s free to call 4444 from your Tesco Mobile phone when you’re abroad. Triple Credit and bundles you’ve bought will be used when you’re in a Home From Home destination but make sure you know the other call charges from abroad to the UK.

To check your balance while you’re abroad, text the word BALANCE to 2112 for free.

If you’re travelling abroad and have a safety buffer on your account

Simply use your phone or tablet as normal while you’re abroad. If you use up your safety buffer while you’re away you can:

– Call 4488 free to make a one-off payment

– Increase or remove your safety buffer in our app or by calling 4488 free from your Tesco Mobile phone

If you know you’re going to be using your device while you’re away, you can increase your safety buffer before you go. You can also remove your safety buffer if you like. But remember that if you don’t have a safety buffer you could run up a big bill because you won’t get any warnings until you reach your account limit.

Need more help?

If you have problems using your device abroad, please call Customer Care on 00 44345 301 4455 from another phone and we’ll be happy to help. It’ll cost you the same as a call back to the UK.

If you’re a business customer, please call us on 00 44345 601 2448