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Trade-in your old phone for cash, or get even more for it when you join or upgrade with us.

How does it work?

You can find out how much your phone’s worth online or bring it to one of our stores – don’t forget to save anything important and take out any memory cards first.
Then all you have to do is choose how you want your payment. Remember, you’ll get the most for your phone if you get a new contract or upgrade.

– Money off a new contract or upgrade – if you’re in a Phone Shop you can get your new contract or upgrade straightaway, or take a voucher code for later. If you Trade-in online we’ll send your voucher code the day we receive your phone. Any money left over will come off your bill

– Money in the bank – if you Trade-in at a Phone Shop before 1pm, it’ll be in your account on the same day. If it’s after 1pm, it’ll be the next working day. If you Trade-in online we’ll pay you the day we get your phone.