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Anytime Upgrade Tariff

Anytime Upgrade is our old tariff, which we stopped selling on 25 March 2018.

Anytime Upgrade Flex is our new tariff, which we started selling on 26 March 2018.

Here’s how the old Anytime Upgrade works…

You joined on a 24 month contract, which is split into two contracts:

Your usage contract, for your minutes, texts and data
Your device contract, for your phone or tablet

You make one single monthly payment, made up of your usage payment and your device payment.

Splitting your contract like this means that you can pay off your phone or tablet any time. For example, if after six months you see a new phone that you love, just pay off what’s left of your device payments. We’ll waive the rest of your usage payments so you can just start a new contract with us. When you start your new contract, you’ll be on our new Anytime Upgrade Flex tariff. This means you can choose a contract length to suit you, and you can also change your tariff down or up when you need to.

If you’re on a tablet contract, we’re sorry but we don’t offer tablets anymore. But you can still upgrade to a phone contract if you like.

If you’re happy with your phone for the full 24 months of your contract, after that you’ll have paid off your phone or tablet, so your monthly payment will automatically drop to just your usage payment.

For example, if your contract is for £30 a month and £20 of this is your device payment, once the initial 24 months is up, your device payments will stop automatically. From then on you’ll only pay for your usage at £10 a month.

You’ve also got the option to pay off your device contract early and keep making the usage payments each month.

For more information take a look at our Anytime Upgrade FAQs.