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Before you go abroad

System outage between 23 – 25 August

You can add a roaming bar to stop your phone working outside the UK. Our systems will be out of action between 23 and 25 August while we carry out essential maintenance. If you are planning to be abroad during this time and you want to add, change or remove a roaming bar, please make sure you contact us by 22 August so we can sort it for you.

Whether you’re on pay monthly or pay as you go, you can use your Tesco Mobile device in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Before you leave the UK it’s a good idea to check the call charges from abroad – you can also check roaming costs in the Tesco Mobile app on Android and iPhone. If you’re travelling to a Home From Home destination, calling or texting UK mobiles and landlines or using data will be taken from your monthly allowance. Calling and texting between other Home From Home destinations is also within your allowance. If you’re calling or texting people who live outside of the UK while you’re abroad then you will need to put the code of the country you’re calling in front of the number dialled. Outside of your allowance you’ll be charged our standard rates.

Your device has already been set up to work abroad so you can use it as normal.  There’s no need to dial the UK country code – the numbers stored in your contacts will work just as they are.

If you’re on a Capped contract

Using your device abroad isn’t included in your monthly allowance for some parts of the world. When you use your phone outside our Home From Home destinations, the charges will come out of your safety buffer until you’ve used it up.

To use your phone outside our Home From Home destinations or to carry on using your device once you’ve hit your safety buffer, you’ll need to increase your safety buffer. You can do this in our app, in My Account, via our Social Media team on Facebook or Twitter or by calling 4488 free from your Tesco Mobile phone.

If you’re not on a Capped contract or have removed your safety buffer

We’ll still protect you with a high-usage limit to stop you running up unexpectedly high bills. This limit varies per tariff but could be up to 4 times the cost of your monthly tariff. If you reach this high-usage limit you won’t be able to use your phone until you make a payment.

Also, there’s a limit on how much you can spend on data abroad – to help you avoid a scary bill when you get home. You can spend up to £40 on data, but after that we’ll bar your device, so you don’t rack up any more charges. If this happens, you can call us on 4455 from your Tesco Mobile phone, or call our automated payment line free on 4488 and once you’ve made a payment you can use your phone again within 2 hours. If you’re on a tariff with a safety buffer then you can protect what you spend by choosing a safety buffer that’s right for you.

If you’re happy to spend more than £40 on data when you’re away, call us on 4455 before you go.

Turning off data

You can avoid data charges altogether by turning off data on your device and using Wi-Fi where it’s available. Not sure how to do this? Find out with our device guides.

Our social media team are also here to help. You can get in touch with them on Facebook and Twitter.