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Your Safety Buffer

When you joined Tesco Mobile you had the option to add a safety buffer or not. A safety buffer is a cap on your monthly bill, so it’ll never be higher than you expect.

It gives you complete control of how much your bill is each month. So you can use your phone safe in the knowledge that your bill will never surprise you.

Manage your safety buffer

You can view, manage and add a new safety buffer in our app on Android or iPhoneMy Account or by calling 4488 from your Tesco Mobile phone.

You can increase your safety buffer immediately up until your next bill date, or you can permanently increase or decrease it from your next bill date.

If you have multiple numbers on one account, each number is treated separately, so you’ll need to have a safety buffer for each one. Only the bill payer is able to change the safety buffers of others on the account.

No safety buffer?

Don’t worry if you didn’t chose a safety buffer when you joined or if you choose to remove your safety buffer, as your usage will still be protected by the high usage limit. Find out your high usage limit.

You can increase your high usage limit by calling Customer Care on 4455 from your Tesco Mobile phone.