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Using your allowance

All our phone tariffs include:

– A minutes allowance for calling standard UK mobile numbers, UK landlines starting with 01, 02 and 03 and standard numbers in Home From Home destinations*

– A text allowance to text standard UK numbers and standard numbers in Home From Home destinations*

–  A data allowance** for using apps, going online, sending and receiving emails, downloading music and streaming video when you’re in the UK and any of our Home From Home destinations

* When you’re in a Home From Home destination
** Note: a few of our phone tariffs don’t include data

Calling Home From Home destinations from the UK isn’t included in your allowances. To find out what’s not included in your allowances, please check our terms and conditionspay monthly rates and pay as you go rates

Usage beyond a Fair Usage Policy may attract other charges.

What happens if you use up your minutes, text or data allowances?

You can carry on using your device, up to your account limit, and this is what it will cost:

– Calls – 25p per minute

– Texts – 10p each

– Data – 10p per MB

There are different rates for calls to numbers not included in your monthly allowance. For example, calling 08 or premium rate numbers.

If you spend all of your safety buffer or account limit, you’ll still be able to use any minutes, texts or data you’ve got left in your monthly allowance. To keep using your phone or tablet for anything else, you’ll need to increase your safety buffer or make a payment.

You can change or set your safety buffer online in your pay monthly account, in the Tesco Mobile App or by calling 4488 free from a Tesco Mobile phone

You can make a payment online in your pay monthly account or by calling 4488 free from a Tesco Mobile phone.

All of our customers can set a safety buffer on their account. This gives you control over how much you spend each month on things not included in your allowance, and this includes charges for using more minutes, texts or data than your monthly allowances. Please note, our safety buffers are optional. You don’t have to have one.