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Pay monthly data bundles

You use data whenever you use the internet on your device. You might need a bit more data sometimes, so you’ve got two options to help you get the best value.

Buy a one-off data bundle

One-off data bundles take effect immediately and you’re charged for them on your next monthly bill. They only last until the end of the month, they don’t renew and any remaining allowance doesn’t rollover.

We know your data needs can change, so we’ve created these one-off data bundles that you can buy at any point to get you to the end of the month.

500MB £2.50
1GB £5.00
2GB £7.50
5GB £11.00
10GB £15.00
20GB £20.00
50GB £35.00


To buy a one-off data bundle for your Tesco Mobile device, log in to My Account, click ‘View or change my tariff & credit agreement’ and then select ‘Add or view one-off bundles’. If you haven’t already, it’s really easy to buy your bundle in our free Tesco Mobile app for Android or iPhone.

Increase your monthly data allowance

You can increase your monthly data allowance at any time by using a monthly data bundle. We’ve got bundles from 500MB up to 30GB.

To buy one, just log in to the Tesco Mobile app for Android or iPhone or go to My Account. Your new allowance will start on your next bill date. It will last for the month and then automatically renew.

If you find you’re not making the most of your allowance or you run out before the end of the month, you can change your monthly data bundle at any point, with changes taking effect on your next bill date. If you do run out of data you’ll be charged at 10p/MB up to your account limit.

Check out our handy data calculator to make sure you’ve got the right amount of data.