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Pay as you go Rocket Packs

For any questions about Rocket Packs, our FAQs will have the information you need.

To buy a Rocket Pack simply choose the one that suits you best, from £5 to £20, and top-up your phone. You can top-up online, by calling 4444 or try one of our other ways to top-up. But remember, if you’re already on our Standard tariff, you have to opt-in to get Rocket Packs.

You can also use your top-up credit and get a Rocket Pack by texting one of the shortcodes below to 28948.

To get…


Text the shortcode below to 28948

250MB, 100 minutes and 100 texts



500MB, 250 minutes and 500 texts



3GB, 500 minutes and 5,000 texts



4GB, 500 minutes and 5,000 texts



6GB, 1,000 minutes and 5,000 texts



8GB, 2,000 minutes and 5,000 texts



Rocket Packs last one month and automatically renew. For example, if you get your first Rocket Pack on 5 January, you’ve got until midnight on the 4 February to use it. We’ll text you five days before it ends and again the day before.

Our social media team are also here to help. You can get in touch with them on Facebook and Twitter.