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Call charges for pay as you go

View a full list of our rates (PDF).

The regulator Ofcom has made call rates for service numbers clear for everyone –  for more information view the changes to call charges.

Using your device in the UK and in our Home From Home destinations

Calls to any standard UK & Home From Home numbers


Texts to any standard UK & Home From Home numbers


Using data


Listen to your voicemail (905)


Picture messaging


Video calling


Calling Customer Care from your Tesco Mobile phone


Using WAP (not GPRS)


Tesco Mobile 118 323 directory enquiries

        £1.50/min and 25p/min access charge

Topping-up on 4444 from your Tesco Mobile phone


Topping-up from a UK fixed line


To call the Customer Care team from your Tesco Mobile device


To make calls to 05 numbers


To make calls to 080 numbers


To make calls to 084/087/09/118 numbers

Service charge and 25p/min access charge

To call 070 personal numbers


Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man numbers


To call 999, 112 or 111


Calls and texts to the following numbers are charged at non-standard rates:
Numbers starting with 076, 07744, 07755, 077000, 078221, 078225, 078921, 078730, 078930, 078931, 079112, 079118, 079245, 079246 and 079879


Minimum call charges

Minimum call charges

For standard, local, national or international calls from the UK and calls between Home From Home destinations

10p then charged by the second
For standard calls
in EU region 1*
10p then charged by the second
For standard calls
in regions 2,3 and 4*
Charges depend on the region*.
1 minute to make a call, 1 minute to receive a call, then charged by the second

To Tesco Mobile directory enquiries

1 minute,
then charged by the second

To premium rate numbers and other directory enquiries

Charges depend on the service provider. For more details, contact the service provider

Access Charge

25p/min – 1 minute minimum then charged by the second

*The region depends on where in the world you are.

How much will I be charged for calling international numbers?
What are the Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man prefixes?

**Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man prefixes: 01481, 01534, 01624, 074184, 07452, 07509, 07624, 077003, 077007, 077008, 07781, 07797, 07829, 078391, 078392, 078392, 078397, 078398, 079111, 079117, 079240, 079241, 079242, 079243, 079244, 079246, 079247, 079248, 079249, 07937, 074576

Are call charges rounded up to the nearest second?

All calls are charged at one second intervals, so if you end a call part-way through a second, the time will be rounded up to the next second – for example, if a call lasts 44.5 seconds we’ll round it up to 45 seconds. We have to round up any device charges to the nearest penny as we’re unable to bill you for anything less than that. For example, if the cost of a call was £1.01005 we’ll round it up to £1.02.

What are the call charges for Pay as you go extra?

***Please note this tariff is no longer available to new customers***

Calls to any standard UK & Home From Home numbers 15p/min
Texts to any standard UK & Home From Home numbers 5p/message
Using Data 60p per MB with a maximum daily charge of £5
What happens if my device loses signal?

If for any reason you lose device reception while you’re on a call, for example when you go through a tunnel, you’ll continue to be charged for that call for up to 18 seconds.

For more information, please have a look at our pay as you go T&Cs.