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Unlock your Tesco Mobile phone

Checking if your phone is unlocked

If you’ve got a Tesco Mobile phone and you want to use another network’s SIM card in it, just put the SIM into the phone. If it doesn’t work, it’s probably locked.

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How to unlock your phone

We don’t charge to unlock Tesco Mobile pay monthly phones. You just need to complete an online unlocking request and then follow the instructions. We’ll text you within 7 days with the code and a link. Click on the link and then follow the instructions to unlock your device.


We can unlock

  • Any phone that’s locked to the Tesco Mobile network, as long as it’s not barred
  • Tesco Mobile pay monthly phones that don’t have a Tesco Mobile SIM card


We can’t unlock

  • Phones that are locked to any other networks
  • Phones that have just been launched – you may have to wait up to 12 months
  • Phones that weren’t supplied by Tesco Mobile

If you don’t know if your phone is pay monthly or pay as you go, we can check for you when you make your unlocking request. Then we’ll text you to let you know what to do next.


Paying to unlock your phone

We don’t charge you to unlock pay as you go phones over 12 months old. If you’ve got a pay as you go phone less than 12 months old, you’ll need to pay £10.

To pay, just top-up the Tesco Mobile number you gave to us and we’ll take the £10 payment from the SIM card within 24 hours. If you need one, you can request a free Tesco Mobile SIM then call 4444 free to top-up.