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Switch to pay monthly from pay as you go

Interested in changing to pay monthly from pay as you go? It’s easy to switch, and there are lots of tariffs and phones available for whatever you’re looking for.

Give us a call on 08000 30 40 30 and we’ll be happy to help you switch.

Here are some useful things to know about, if you’re thinking of switching

  • When you call us, there’s just a few questions we need to ask you over the phone. Once these are done, you should be able to switch to a pay monthly phone or tariff
  • If you’re keeping your number, you might need a new SIM when you switch. We’ll need to send you one of these before the transfer takes place
  • Any remaining credit on your pay as you go account won’t be lost – it’ll be taken off your next pay monthly bill
  • Once you’ve switched, if you have any regular or automatic top-ups on your pay as you go account, you’ll need to cancel these

We’ll talk you through all of the steps when you call us, including what to do when the switch takes place.