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Managing multiple numbers

If you have more than one Tesco Mobile number you can manage them under one account – plus you’ll get a free perk for every additional contract on your pay monthly account.

If you’ve got more than one number on your account but haven’t chosen a perk for the other numbers yet, you can do this by logging in to My Account and choosing your perk.

How do I add a number?
You can add a number to your account whenever you take out a new Tesco Mobile contract. If you’re buying your phone online:

1. Add your device, tariff and any extras to your basket
2. When you are happy with your order, press Checkout
3. You’ll be taken to a login screen
4. Log in with your My Account details to add this new number to your existing account or Create an account to keep it separate

Master account holder
If you add extra numbers to your account, your number will become the master device number and the extra numbers will become secondary numbers.

You can change the master device number for your account in My Account. Once you’ve logged in, click:

  1. ‘View or change my account details’
  2. and then click the ‘Main subscription’ drop down box.
  3. You can then select the number you want to become the master number.

How many numbers can I have?
You can have a maximum of 5 numbers on your account. You’ll get one bill for all your numbers, and as the master account holder, you’ll be responsible for paying the whole bill.

Making changes to your account
Only you can make changes to your account. However, anyone with a secondary number on the account can get account information and pay bills on your behalf, providing they pass our security checks.
You can manage all of your accounts on the Tesco Mobile app.

Clubcard points for all your numbers
You’ll earn Clubcard points from all the numbers on your account. We’ll add the points within 72 hours of you making a payment.