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Manage your data usage

Keep track of your data

It’s easy to keep track of how much data you have left.

  • The best way to keep track of your data is to download our free Tesco Mobile app. You can check your usage any time, wherever you are.
  • If you’d rather use a computer, just log in to My Account any time and you can see your latest usage info there.
  • If you want to work out how much data you might use in a normal month, have a play with our data calculator.

Tips for saving data

There are lots of simple ways you can save your data so that it’s there for when you might really need it

  • If you can use Wi-Fi where you are, this will save your data for when you might need it.
  • Streaming music and videos uses lots of data – subscribe to streaming services with offline options like Spotify.
  • Update your Apps over Wi-Fi only. You will save data if you only update apps when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. You can change this in your device settings.
  • Disable Apple’s Wi-Fi Assist. This feature automatically switches between Wi-Fi and data depending on the strongest signal. If you turn it off it will also save you data.
  • You can also change your settings so apps don’t run in the background – find out how to use less data on your iPhone or Android phone

Turning data off

If you don’t want to use mobile data at all, you can turn it off in your device’s settings. Our interactive device guides provide step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

Using data abroad

If you’re using your phone abroad, depending on where you’re travelling to and the type of phone contract you have, there might be a charge for the data you use.
You can find out more in our handy guide to using data abroad.

There’s also some ways you can ensure you’re being careful with your data when you travel

  • Use Wi-Fi whenever you can as this won’t use up your data allowance
  • Make sure you know how to turn data roaming on and off on your phone or tablet
  • Check your spend through your online account or by using our mobile app available on Android and iPhone abroad

Adding more data

You might need a bit more data sometimes, especially if you are out and about and not on Wi-Fi.  Whether you’d like to add a one-off data bundle or increase your monthly data allowance, you’ll find all the details you need in our guide.


What is data?

Whenever you use a phone or tablet to access the internet, you are using data. This could be browsing the internet, sending an email or watching videos on YouTube. Downloading apps and using social media will also use up some of your data allowance.

Most of our pay monthly tariffs come with a data allowance but if you run out of data you can buy a one-off bundle, increase your monthly allowance or wait until your next bill date when you allowance resets. Pay as you go customers can get more data by adding a Rocket Pack or data bundle.

What’s the difference between Wi-Fi and data?

Wi-Fi is a network provided by a dedicated internet service provider (ISP). Mobile data is provided by your mobile network, through 3G, 4G or 5G, and you typically use this when you’re out and about.

How do I know when I’m using my Wi-Fi or my data?

If you look at your phone screen, you’ll be able to tell which connection you’re on. If you’re connected to mobile data, your phone will display 3G/4G/5G. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, this will be replaced with a wireless symbol.

Will you notify me if I’m close to my data limit?

We do try to text you when you’re near your limit but this isn’t guaranteed as data can be used very quickly. You can always monitor your allowance via the Tesco Mobile app, which will show you up-to-date information about how much data you have left.

How much will I be charged for data if I go outside of my allowance?

The cost if you go outside of your allowance is 10p/MB. If you run out of data, you can buy a one-off bundle, increase your monthly allowance or wait until your next bill date when you allowance resets. Pay as you go customers can get more data by adding a Rocket Pack or data bundle.

Do video calling apps like Facetime, Whatsapp video call and Facebook Messenger use my data?

If you’re not connected to Wi-Fi then your data is used when making video calls on dedicated apps. If you connect to WiFi instead then using these apps won’t use your data.