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Getting more minutes

If you need more minutes before the end of the month, here’s what you can do…

  • Buy a one-off minutes bundle for this month
  • Or increase your monthly minutes allowance

Buying a one-off minutes bundle

If you use up all your minutes before the end of the month, you can avoid paying standard rates by buying a minutes bundle instead.

  • 250 minutes are £3
  • 500 minutes are £5

The easiest way to buy your bundle is through My Account or by calling 4488, free.

Using your one-off bundle

One-off minute bundles last until the end of your billing month, they don’t renew and any remaining allowance doesn’t roll over. You’re charged for them on your next bill.

Occasionally there’s a short delay before your bundle’s ready. For more info, please read our terms and conditions.

The bundle lasts until your next bill date, which means that any minutes you’ve got left won’t roll over. Find out when your bill date is.

Increase your monthly minutes allowance

You can increase your monthly minutes allowance at any time, and your new allowance will start on your next bill date. To get a minutes bundle, log in to My Account or call 4488, free. And of course you’re free to go back to your original allowance the next month, or any other month if you end up with too much data.

Need more data? Find out about data bundles.