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Help & Support


Activate your phone and SIM card

All you need to do to activate your Tesco Mobile phone and SIM card is make a call to any number.

If you’ve upgraded your pay monthly phone and have a new SIM, when you switch your phone on the first time you may see it display ‘pay as you go’. Don’t worry, when you swap your old SIM to your new SIM and transfer your number across, your new SIM will be activated on pay monthly.

If you need a reminder of your new number, it’s in your contract and also in My Account.

> Want to keep your old number?

Before you make a call

Make sure your SIM card is in your phone if it isn’t already. Our SIMs are standard size with a pop-out micro or nano SIM, so they work in all phones. If you need to insert your new SIM then check your new phone carefully to see what size you need to pop out. You can also check the phone instructions or find your specific device guide.

If you’re a SIM only customer, make sure the phone you’ll be using works with a Tesco Mobile SIM – you might need to ask your old network provider to unlock it.

If you’re a Pay As You Go customer, you’ll then need to top-up to use your phone.

iPhone customer?

You’ll have to update your number on your new phone:

  1. Take the sim out of your phone
  2. Switch your phone off
  3. Re-insert the sim
  4. Reboot your phone

Getting to know your phone

Our device guides have lots of step-by-step information to help you make the most of your new phone.

Problems connecting?

If your phone shows no service or network, there could be a temporary problem with the signal in your area – you can use our coverage checker to find out. If you’re still having problems calling, please contact us.