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To set up your voicemail

Dial 905. You’ll be asked to change your voicemail PIN code from its default code of 8705. You can change it to any number between 4 and 10 digits long. If you forget this number, you’ll need to call 4455 from your Tesco Mobile device to reset it.

For extra security, you can also set up PIN protection. This means you’ll need to enter your PIN every time you go into voicemail.

To switch your voicemail on and off

Call 2905 to turn your voicemail on and call 2915 to turn it off. Calls to these numbers are free.

To listen to your voicemail

Dial 905. For pay monthly customers, calls to voicemail are included in your monthly call allowance. Outside of your allowance it costs 15p/minute. It also costs 15p/minute for our pay as you go customers. Voicemail costs change when using your phone abroad.

To change your PIN

1. Dial 905 and press * (star key)

2. Press 4

3. Press 4

4. Press 1

For security reasons, if you forget your voicemail PIN you will need to contact us so we can reset it for you.

To turn PIN protection on or off

1. Dial 905 and press * (star key)

2. Press 4

3. Press 4

4. Press 2

To listen to your messages from a different device

1. Dial your own Tesco Mobile number and let it go to voicemail

2. Interrupt the greeting by pressing the * (star key)

3. Enter your PIN, followed by the # (hash key)

To record your own personal greeting

1. Dial 905 and press * (star key)

2. Press 3

3. Press 2

4. Press 0 to start recording

5. Press 0 to end recording

To reset your greeting to default

1. Dial 905 and press * (star key)

2. Press 3

3. Press 5

Mailbox settings

You can save up to 40 four-minute messages in your mailbox, for up to 30 days. Any messages older than 30 days are deleted. You can also set up your device, so that it tells you when you have new voicemail.

To set up voicemail alerts:

1. Dial 905

2. Press * (star key)

3. Press 4

4. Press 1

To change how long your device rings before it goes to voicemail:

1. Enter **61*905*11*

2. Enter either 10, 20, or 30 seconds

3. Press #

4. Press call

To change your voicemail notification to a call

1. Dial 905  and press * (star key)

2. Option 4

3. Option 1

It costs 10p/minute to receive an automated voicemail notification and then the standard call price to listen to your voicemail.