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Send and receive text & picture messages

Text messaging (SMS)

A text message allows you to send a message from one mobile device to another. A text is a great way to get in touch with a friend quickly and conveniently.

Nearly all mobile devices sold today allow you to send a text message. A standard text is 160 characters in length and multiple texts can be sent in one message.

If you’ve got a tablet, your tariff may not include a text message allowance and you’ll be charged at standard rates.

Check our device guides which show you how to send messages from some of our more popular devices.

Picture messaging (MMS)

Picture messaging (sometimes called photo messaging) lets you send a photo from your device to another device or email address.

Some devices offer you the option of combining text and audio with the image before sending it.

To learn how to send and receive a picture message check out our device guides or refer to your phone’s manual.

Chat messaging (RCS)

If you’re on Android v5 or above, you can use Chat Messaging from Tesco Mobile to send text or picture messages to other Android users. It allows you to send text and picture messages over data or Wi-Fi. You can attach pictures, videos, stickers and GIFs to your messages and you can also create chat groups with other Android users.

For support with Chat messaging, take a look at our device guides.

Chat Messaging FAQs

What is Chat Messaging from Tesco Mobile?

Chat Messaging is an enhanced version of the Messaging app you have on your Android phone. It’s available on Android phones using version 6 and above. It allows you to add pictures, GIFs, videos and stickers to your messages and it sends them over Wi-Fi or the data network to other Android phones. This means it won’t come out of your text allowance (SMS) or incur extra charges for sending a picture message (MMS).

Do I need to do anything differently to use Chat Messaging?

Once you’ve set it up, it’ll work automatically. You’ll get a message from us when it’s available and once you’ve read and accepted the Chat Messaging terms it will be ready to use. It will stay switched on unless you decide to turn off ‘chat features’ in your messaging settings. Chat Messaging usually uses the same messaging app that you use for all your text and picture messages. Some phones may need you to download Google Messages from the Play Store to make it work.

Will it cost me anything to use Chat Messaging?

The service itself is free to use. And if you’re using Wi-Fi there won’t be any charges from us for using Chat Messaging. If you’re using mobile data, either from your monthly allowance or paying standard rates for data, then using Chat Messaging will come out of this. But remember you won’t use up any of your monthly texts, or be charged separately for sending texts or picture messages.

What if the people I send messages to don’t have the service?

Chat Messaging is only for Android phones. It works across different mobile networks but not all networks have set it up yet. It won’t work on iPhones, Windows phones or non-smart feature phones. You’ll know if the person you send a message to is able to ‘Chat Message’ with you as it will show it in the text box within Messages.

Can I set up groups to send chat messages to?

Yes, Chat Messaging is designed for that and it’s easy to set up groups. Everyone in the group needs to have ‘Chat Message’ enabled or messages will be sent as text or picture messages to everyone.

Can I turn Chat Messaging off?

Yes, this is an option in the Messages settings on your phone. Turning it off will mean you can no longer send or receive chat messages and you will revert to standard text and picture messaging.