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Phone repairs and warranty

How do I check if I need a repair?

If you’re having a problem with your device, more often than not you can fix it using the step-by-step help in our device guides.

How do I book a repair?

Find your phone on our device guides and click on the Troubleshooter tab. By following the steps on the guide, you should be provided with a fix but if that doesn’t work you’ll find details on how to send us your device for repair – you can choose for it to be collected from you or we’ll send you a pre-paid jiffy bag to send it to us.

If you’re a pay as you go customer, please make sure you send a copy of your proof of purchase with your device so we can check your device is still in warranty.

Before you send us your device:

  • Back up any data where possible, as your device will be reset during the repair and we don’t want you to lose anything
  • Remove any passcodes or security locks as we won’t be able to start any repairs on your device if they’re still active
  • If you’re sending us an iPhone then turn off Find my iPhone as we won’t be able to start your repair if it’s still on
  • Take your SIM card out and keep it safe
  • Keep hold of your battery, charger & other accessories – unless we’ve asked you to – but if the battery isn’t removable, please don’t try!

Is my phone in warranty?

Your device comes with our 24 month Tesco Mobile warranty that covers all manufacturers (except Apple devices which have a warranty for 12 months) but if you send us your device for repair, we’ll inspect it and let you know if there’s any damage that’s voided the warranty. If there is, you’ll have to pay for this damage to be fixed before we do anything else.

Don’t worry, we’ll send you a quote and get your agreement before we do anything. Once we’ve fixed it, your device will be back in warranty and we can carry on with your repair.

Out of warranty repairs include:

  • Damaged/cracked/chipped LCD screen
  • Damaged charger port/USB connector
  • Damaged casings
  • Damaged SIM pin(s)
  • Damaged battery pin(s)
  • Damaged SD card reader
  • Damaged headphone jack
  • Damage to any other ports on the device
  • Damaged/cracked camera/lens
  • Liquid indicators triggered
  • Internal physical damage once device is opened
  • Internal liquid damage to any part within the device

If it’s previously been repaired with unofficial parts, for example a non-standard replacement screen – you’ll have to pay for us to replace them with standard parts

How long will my repair take?

The courier will collect your device on the next working day or you can choose to send your phone to us in a pre-paid jiffy bag which we’ll send out to you in 3 to 5 working days. Please make sure you get proof of postage when you send us your device.

You’ll usually get your repaired device back within 7 to 10 working days and if we need to speak to you about the device you’ve sent us for repair we’ll email you.

How do I check my repair?

You can check the status of your device whenever you like in our repair centre.

Need more help?

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