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Text message to picture message charging

Sometimes your phone might automatically change a text message (SMS) into a picture message (MMS).

Picture messages aren’t included in any text allowance or text bundle you may have. So, if your phone changes a text message to a picture message, you’ll be charged 25p/message.

Some of the ways this can happen are when you:

– Use normal characters like brackets and colons that can be changed by your phone into emoticons – for example, writing : ) can be automatically converted to a smiley face

– Write a really long text message, your phone could change it into a picture message – usually more than 160 characters

– Use emoji or emoticons (smiley faces, symbols and so on), particularly if you’ve downloaded extra ones from an app onto your phone

– Send a contact card or business card

– Send a group message, for example when you get a new phone

– Add attachments to text messages

Sometimes (but not always), your phone will flash up an alert that says ‘converting to MMS’ or something similar.

Remember that all phones and smartphones vary, so please check your phone’s manual to see what your device will do.

Apple iOS 10 customers

The updated Messages app on your iPhone now allows you to send animations, handwritten notes, music and much more. These texts are forms of multimedia messages and cost 25p/message or they’re free if you send via iMessage to another iOS user.