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Premium rate calls and texts

There are certain numbers you can call or text from your phone for which higher rates apply – for example, entering competitions or voting on TV shows. These are known as premium rate services.

Costs vary by dialling code and service provider so it’s best to check the terms and conditions before calling or texting a particular number.

Other premium rate services will be automatically delivered to your phone by text at regular intervals, once you’ve used them for the first time – for example, when ordering ringtones and wallpapers or setting up alerts. You’ll pay for these services each time they’re sent to your mobile until you stop the service. To stop a premium rate service like this, just reply to the texts you receive from the service with the word STOP.

To prevent you, or someone else, from running up unexpectedly large bills on premium rate numbers, you can also apply a bar to all premium rate call and text services.

To apply the bar

Log in to your Tesco Mobile online account using the mobile number you want to apply the bar to.

1. Click on View or change my tariff & credit agreement

2. Click on Update next to Parental controls and favourite numbers

3. Go to My settings

4. Click Add on Premium Bar for calls and/or Bar Premium SMS MT for texts

5. Click Confirm

It can take up to 24 hours for the bar to be activated. When the bar is activated, you’ll receive a randomly selected 7-digit PIN.