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Download the NHS COVID-19 app today

The free NHS COVID-19 app is a vital part of the NHS Test and Trace service in England, and the NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect service.

Tesco Mobile has made it free for you to use the app when you are out and about, meaning that you won’t use up any of your pay monthly data allowance or pay as you go credit.

To find out more go to the NHS Covid-19 hub





Free access to the information you need

You can now visit a range of helpful websites for free on your phone, without using any data, from financial support, to mental health and Government advice. This includes Government Covid-19 information, which gives you the latest guidance on how to protect yourself and others.

For those who need assistance abroad at this time, we’ve also made some key airline UK phone numbers free to call from anywhere in the world. Check the list

You can also call the UK 101 police non-emergency number for free.

Government text messages
UK_Gov may text you with information about coronavirus but they would never ask for your personal details, so please beware of potential scam messages.



Staying safe and well

Your mental health and wellbeing.
We have challenging times ahead.  Mental health UK has helpful advice on how to cope when you have to stay at home and how to talk to your children about the situation. And if you’re worried about domestic abuse, the free, 24 hour National Domestic Abuse number is 0808 2000 247

Make sure you can find your phone.
None of us want to lose our phone at a time when keeping in touch is so crucial. If you have a smartphone then you can switch on ‘Find My Phone’.  Our device guides will show you how.

Keeping your phone clean.
Germs can hang around on your phone.  Normal soap on a cloth is all you need to clean it.  Please don’t use water or chemicals.  Both will damage your phone and invalidate your warranty.  How to clean your phone safely



Keeping in touch

Apps to help you stay in touch.

You can video call in groups or one-to-one using apps like WhatsApp, Facetime and Skype, and you can chat on messaging apps like Facebook Messenger.  All these apps will use up data, so remember you can connect to Wi-Fi.

Watch our video on setting up WhatsApp on any smartphone

Watch our video on setting up FaceTime on iPhones

Watch our video on setting up Skype on any smartphone

Find out more about using Wi-Fi



Help with your mobile account

Please check our top FAQs for help on managing your account

Worried about paying your bill?

If you’re looking to defer your bill, please log in to My Account and go to the ‘Bills and payments’ section.

If you’re worried about paying your bill and you need to talk to us, you can call us on 4455 from your Tesco Mobile phone or 0345 301 4455 from another phone.

We’ll be able to talk you through your options and find one that’s right for you. Click here for more information.

Check the network near you
We share O2’s network. Check the live status checker, updated on the hour, every hour.

Number transfer
Find out about Switching



Quick help if you’re on pay as you go

To check your balance:

  • Download our app
  • Text BALANCE for free to 2112
  • Call 282 for free
  • Call 4444 for free

You can top-up online, in our app, or by calling 282.  The easiest way to top-up someone else’s phone for them is online by selecting the ‘New user’ button and then following the instructions.

Add a Rocket Pack or bundle in My Account or by calling 282.

Check our FAQs or search Help & Support for more help



Quick help if you’re on pay monthly

Use our free app to:

  • Add more minutes or data
  • View your contract end date
  • View your usage, any extra charges and your last 12 months bills
  • Change your safety buffer

Alternatively, you can log in to My Account or call 4488.

Check our FAQs for more help