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Pay monthly capped tariff terms & conditions – on or before the 8th August

If you’re an existing customer, who signed up to a ‘Capped’ tariff, on or before the 7th of August 2013 (‘Previous Capped’), or chose to upgrade to, or remain on an Previous Capped tariff on or after 8th of August 2013, the version of section 5 from the time of your purchase will apply, instead of the current section 5. All other terms of the Tesco Mobile Tariff Terms and Conditions continue to apply.

The Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly Service Terms and Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly Privacy Policy also apply.

5. Capped tariffs with inclusive calls, texts or data

5.1 You can choose to Cap our new Pay monthly tariffs to ensure you get the great value of Pay Monthly without any unexpected surprises on your bill.

5.2 You'll get your usual monthly Inclusive Allowance but if you use all of your allowance before the end of the month you can top-up as if on Pay as you go, meaning your bill will never be more than you expect.

5.3 You’ll only get capped on the part of the Inclusive Allowance that you have used up. For example if you’ve used up your minutes allowance, you’ll still be able to use your texts and data allowance.

5.4 Your Inclusive Allowance minutes, texts and data can only be used as outlined in Sections 2, 3 and 4. For any usage which is outside of your Inclusive Allowance you will be required to Top-up as outlined in paragraph 5.2 and section 9, and the Top-up terms and conditions set out in Section 9 shall apply. For all out of tariff usage, you will be charged at the current rates.

5.5 To take advantage of our Pay Monthly Capped tariffs you will need to opt in by purchasing a £10 Top-up at the same time as signing up for your Pay Monthly tariff. Your £10 will allow you to call or text numbers that are outside of your Inclusive Allowance such as 0800 numbers or calls made to or from abroad.