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Perks terms & conditions

  1. Perks are extra allowances or other offers available to eligible customers on selected pay monthly tariffs. To be eligible, a customer must have more than one eligible active pay monthly subscription on the same Tesco Mobile billing account.
  2. Perks are available on all current Pay monthly tariffs taken out after 2 July 2012, unless specifically excluded in section 7 below. Perks are available to Tesco Mobile customers purchasing more than one eligible pay monthly contract at the same time, or adding an eligible pay monthly tariff to any existing account. For each eligible subscription on an account, you can choose a free Perk which may consist of (i) UK minutes to any network, valid to numbers starting 01, 02, 03 or standard UK mobiles; or (ii) UK data; or (iii) UK text messages to standard UK mobiles; or (iv) UK minutes to other Tesco Mobile numbers; or (v) other offers promoted from time to time, to be applied to the subscription on a monthly basis. All UK allowances may be used at no extra cost when roaming in the EU and in other select destinations. Over time we may update, change or end specific Perks, but before doing so, we will notify you and let you know your replacement options. View our current Perks here.
  3. For eligible tablet SIM subscriptions, the choice of Perks does not include use while roaming in non-EU or Home from Home countries.
  4. Where Perks include UK minutes, UK texts and UK data, the same terms and conditions will apply as your standard inclusive bundled minutes which are explained in the Pay monthly terms and conditions.
  5. For existing eligible subscriptions on your account, you’ll need to opt in and select your Perk by logging on to your Pay monthly account.
  6. The Perks will be awarded to eligible tariffs on a monthly basis as long as you have more than one subscription on your account.
  7. Many (but not all) existing customers will be eligible to choose a Perk for their existing subscriptions if they have two or more active subscriptions on the same Pay monthly account. Customers on ‘tariffs taken out before 2nd July 2012, special offer tariffs or other excluded tariffs will not be able to choose a Perk, but their subscription will count towards the “two or more” subscriptions.
  8. All subscriptions on a single account are managed from one pay monthly account. Only the account holder is able to amend the Perks. For the bill payer’s protection, Customer Care is only able to discuss details of subscriptions with the account holder.
  9. The maximum number of pay monthly subscriptions that a Tesco Mobile account can have is five. All subscriptions on the account will form part of the same bill and must be paid for using the same payment method. Please note that each subscription on the account can have maximum of one Perk.
  10. If you cancel a subscription(s) on your account or have a pending cancellation, meaning you will have only one subscription remaining on the account, we will automatically remove this subscription’s Perk when your next bill is produced. We will text you to let you know if your Perk is about to be removed.
  11. Once you’ve selected your Perk, it will be applied to the subscription on a monthly basis and may take up to 48 hours to appear after your bill date. You can change your Perk at any time on your Pay monthly account and the changes will take effect at the same time that you get your normal monthly allowance.
  12. The Tesco Mobile Protect Perk reduces the monthly premium that you will pay to the insurer for Tesco Mobile Protect.  Tesco Mobile Protect is subject to its own terms and conditions, which you can read here.  The Tesco Mobile Protect Perk is subject to these Perks terms & conditions, except to the extent something different is stated in this section.  You can only add the Tesco Mobile Protect Perk at the beginning of a new subscription or at the time of an upgrade, not mid-contract. You can remove the Tesco Mobile Protect Perk at any time.  If you remove the Tesco Mobile Protect Perk mid-contract, you cannot select it again mid-contract.  [If you upgrade your device, your Tesco Mobile Protect Perk will be applied to your upgraded device.]  If your Perk band changes, or you remove the Tesco Mobile Protect Perk, your billing for Tesco Mobile Protect will be changed accordingly.  If you cancel your Tesco Mobile Protect contract under its terms & conditions, or if the insurers cancel it, your Tesco Mobile Protect Perk will automatically be removed.  If your Tesco Mobile Protect Perk is changed or removed for any reason, Asurion Europe Limited (who administer Tesco Mobile Protect on behalf of the insurers) will update their billing to you accordingly.  Depending on the date your Tesco Mobile Protect Perk is changed or removed you will see this implemented by Asurion Europe Limited at the next billing date or the one thereafter.

Last Updated on 1 June 2018