Ping me a pound terms & conditions

  1. Ping Me A Pound, the service, is available to all Tesco Mobile Pay as you Go customers who register for the service through My Tesco Mobile or by calling 282 free from their Tesco Mobile.
  2. To register for the service, customers need to register a Tesco Mobile as a 'Funder' and up to ten Tesco Mobile phone numbers as 'Requestors'. Once registered, a Requestor can request £1 of airtime credit to be transferred from the Funder.
  3. To receive £1 of airtime from the Funder, the Requestor must call 2703 free from their Tesco Mobile. Each time £1 is requested, both the Funder and Requestor will receive text message confirmation. The Funder cannot reject any request.If you do not have sufficient top-up credit, your bundle will not be renewed. You will need to opt-in to receive the bundle again.
  4. Only a single £1 of airtime credit can be received by the Requestor in a single 24-hour period. All requests must be made in the UK.
  5. If the Funder does not have the necessary airtime credit to fund a request, the service will be suspended and the Funder and all Requestors will receive text message confirmation. The suspension will be lifted when the Funder has sufficient credit for the £1 to be taken from their credit balance, and they call 282 free from their Tesco Mobile to reactivate the service.
  6. Tesco Mobile make every effort to ensure all requests are processed, however cannot guarantee that the £1 of airtime credit will be transferred to the Requestor if operational difficulties occur. Furthermore, it cannot guarantee that all text message confirmations will be delivered.
  7. The service will not work if the Funder has a premium rate text bar in place. You can change these/remove bars in the parental control section of My Tesco Mobile.
  8. To unsubscribe from the service, the Funder can call 282 free from their Tesco Mobile or visit My Tesco Mobile.
  9. No cash or credit alternatives will be offered.
  10. Tesco Mobile accepts no responsibility for any tax liability caused/incurred by use of the service.
  11. The Promoter reserves the right, where it considers there to have been any breach of these Terms and Conditions, any fraud or any abuse of the service, to refuse any application, deny use of the service or seek reimbursement of any Tesco Clubcard Points awarded.
  12. The Promoter: Tesco Mobile Limited, Tesco House, Shire Park, Kestrel Way, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 1GA. VAT No. 815384524
  13. For full Tesco Mobile terms and conditions and privacy policy click here.