Free top-up bundle promotion terms & conditions

How it works

  1. We reward customers on the Triple Credit tariff who top up a minimum of £15 in a month by giving them one of our Pay as you go Bundles for free.
  2. The Bundles which are eligible currently consist of 150 minutes, 5000 texts or 500MB but we may add or remove offers at any point.
  3. New customers who join our ‘Triple Credit’ tariff after 1st May 2012 will automatically be able to take up the promotion when they top up £15 or more in one payment. In subsequent months, if the sum of your top ups in the month is £15 or more, you’ll qualify for another free Bundle.
  4. New customers who joined our ‘Triple Credit’ tariff before 1st May 2012 will need to call 282 free to opt-in to the promotion. As long as you’ve topped up more than £15 in the last month, your free Bundle will be applied on your next monthly anniversary.
  5. The free Bundle lasts one month and will be awarded on the same date as your monthly anniversary that you get your free credit allowance.
  6. It may take up to 24 hours for the free Bundle to be applied to your account but you’ll receive a text to let you know when it’s ready to be used.
  7. If you don’t top up £15 in a month, at your next anniversary date the free Bundle will end and you will be charged at our standard rates.
  8. If your free Bundle ends, you’ll need to top-up £15 or more in one payment to qualify for another free Bundle at your next anniversary date.
  9. The promotion is only available on the ‘Pay as you go Triple Credit’ tariff, not customers on Pay monthly or other Pay as you go tariffs.
  10. If you wish to opt-out of the free Bundle promotion, call 282 or log onto your My Tesco Mobile account.
  11. Our Pay as you go and Bundles terms and conditions apply.

Choosing your bundle

  1. You can select which free Bundle you want to receive by calling 282 or logging onto your My Tesco Mobile account. The changes won’t take effect until your next monthly anniversary date.
  2. If you don’t set a preferred Bundle, you will be defaulted to the 5000 texts Bundle.
  3. You can’t select more than one Bundle of the same type. For example, you can’t have two data Bundles at the same time, even if one is a top-up reward and the other is a purchasable Bundle.
    • If you try to select a Bundle type as your £15 top-up reward that you’ve bought already or received as part of another promotion, you’ll have the option to either keep your original Bundle and select a different free Bundle or remove the original Bundle and replace it with your free Bundle straightaway.
    • If you try to buy a Bundle that’s already selected as your free Bundle, you will be permitted to do this but if you subsequently top-up £15 in a month, the free Bundle will be added and the original purchased Bundle will be removed. We’ll warn you of this when you try to purchase the Bundle.
    • If you have an iPhone 1GB + Wi-Fi Bundle or BlackBerry data Bundle, you can select the free data Bundle but this means you won’t receive the BlackBerry or Wi-Fi services. If you want to keep these services, it’s best to opt-in to a different free Bundle.
  4. You can still buy other bundles of a different type. For example, if your free bundle is 5000 texts, you can buy the minutes and data Bundles.

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