Colleague Deals terms and conditions

Colleague Deals.

Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly colleague deals. Eligible colleagues and up to 9 of their friends and family will receive a 10% discount on their Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly payment. Exclusions apply.

These terms and conditions are effective from 22 January 2019 and apply to new and existing Tesco Mobile customers who purchase a Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly contract using a Colleague Deals discount voucher. These terms are applicable in addition to the Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly service terms and conditions.

Who is eligible for Colleague deals?

    1. Colleague Deals are open to all direct employees of:

a. Tesco PLC (Tesco Stores, Customer Engagement Centres, Customer Fulfilment Centres, Distribution Centres, Head Office)
b. Employees of Tesco Mobile partnerships (Capita, Ingram Micro, Telefonica UK Secondees).
c. Tesco Bank
d. Tesco Maintenance
e. One Stop
f. Oakwood
g. Booker
h. Tesco Bank Underwriting

  1. Colleague Deals are not currently open to colleagues from:


a. Tesco Family Dining
b. Dunnhumby
c. Jack’s
d. Tesco Card for life incl. RCC (Retired Colleague Community) members
e. Employee 2nd card holders.

  1. Each eligible colleague is permitted to allow up to 9 friends and family a Colleague Deal discount using the SMS voucher request system.


How can I request a Colleague Deal voucher?

  1. If you are employed by one of our Colleague Deal discount scheme partners mentioned in section 1, please refer to your internal benefits intranet site for more information. If you are unsure how to access this, please contact your human resources department.

What are colleague deals?

  1. The Colleague Deal is a discount off your total base contract, CCA (Consumer Credit Agreement) and Airtime, excluding any additional bundles or usage outside of your allowance (safety buffer).
    6. All one-off bundles, recurring bundles, Tesco Mobile Protect insurance payments and family perks are excluded from this scheme.
    7. The discount off your CCA will be added at point of purchase, all airtime (tariff) discounts will be calculated on a monthly basis and may be subject to change if you change your tariff during your contract (Flex).
    8. Colleague Deal vouchers cannot be added after point of purchase. You must have a valid voucher to use before point of purchase. No Colleague Deal will be added mid contract.
    9. New and upgrading customers must input the voucher before checkout in store, online at or through Telesales.
    10. The Colleague Deal is only available to consumer customers, the account must be registered in an individual’s name and not a business name.
    11. When upgrading a contract, the attached Colleague Deal will not carry over. You will be required to apply a new unique voucher at upgrade point of purchase.
    12. In order to protect employee’s personal information, only those eligible can request a Colleague Deal discount using their own employee information. It is the accountability of the colleague to manage their Colleague Deal discount codes responsibly.
    13. The Colleague Deal will remain associated with an account until the point of upgrade or termination.
    14. When an employee of the Colleague Deal discount scheme partners is no longer employed by their respective business, the option to request Colleague Deal vouchers will no longer work. All active contracts will remain discounted until the point of upgrade or termination.

Voucher limitations

  1. Vouchers are valid for 30 days.
    16. Each unique voucher can only be used once.
    17. Colleague Deal vouchers cannot be combined with any retention deal.
    18. One unique Colleague Deal voucher is required per device or subscription.
    19. Colleague Deal vouchers have no cash alternative and cannot be exchanged.


  1. ThePay Monthly service terms and conditionsalso apply.
    21. Tesco Mobile reserves the right to withdraw or amend the Colleague Deal discount scheme at any time, upon reasonable notice.
    22. An employee of one of the Colleague Deal discount scheme partners cannot request the withdrawal of the Colleague Deal from any of their friends or family.
    23. Tesco Mobile reserves the right to withdraw the Colleague Deal from an account if fraud is detected.

Last updated: 28th May 2019