Standard plus tariff terms & conditions

  1. Tesco Mobile Standard Plus is a tariff that gives you a free monthly allowance of either:
    500 standard texts per month (Text Anytime); or
    150 calls minutes per month to standard UK landlines (starting 01,02 and 03) and UK mobile numbers (Talk Anytime) when you top-up at least £15 per month. The monthly allowance is provided in addition to the quantity of airtime you purchase.
  2. The Talk Anytime call minutes does not include video calls, calls starting 05, 08, 07744 or 07755, calls to Voicemail 905, calls made from the UK to abroad, calls made whilst abroad (including calls made from Isle of Man and Channel Islands), calls to premium rate numbers and mobile internet calls. Free monthly allowances for Text Anytime and Talk Anytime apply to calls made and texts sent whilst you are in the UK only.
  3. All Tesco Mobile Standard Plus customers will automatically be activated to receive Text Anytime or Talk Anytime when they top-up at least £15 per month.
  4. The default monthly allowance is Text Anytime. You can switch between Text Anytime or Talk Anytime at any time by calling 282 free from your Tesco Mobile. You will receive a text message within 48 hours to confirm that your monthly allowance has been activated. Only one free monthly allowance may be received each month. Any changes between Text Anytime and Talk Anytime will start from your next anniversary date (see Paragraph 5). Customers can only switch between Text Anytime and Talk Anytime once every 30 days.
  5. The day on which you first receive your monthly allowance will be your `anniversary date’ each month. The anniversary date is the date by which you must have topped up at least £15 to receive your monthly allowance. You will receive a text message reminder 5 days before your anniversary date to remind you if you need to top-up.
  6. If you fail to top-up at least £15 in the month before your anniversary date, you will not receive a free monthly allowance. If this happens and you subsequently top-up at least £15, your free monthly allowances will start again, within 48 hours and your anniversary date will be adjusted to the date of the month of your subsequent top-up.
  7. Text Anytime and Talk Anytime are valid for up to one month from your anniversary date.
  8. If you have a Bundle which includes a voice or text allowance, your Text Anytime or Talk Anytime free monthly allowance will be used first.
  9. Calls made and texts sent that are excluded from your monthly allowance or made or sent after you have used all of your allowance will be charged at the rates set out in our price list.
  10. Unused free monthly allowances for Text Anytime and Talk Anytime cannot be carried forward from one month to the next.
  11. Tesco Mobile reserves the right to remove, vary or amend any element of this tariff. We will notify you of any detrimental changes by text message. Change will be effective immediately upon our having notified you.
  12. Standard Tesco mobile Pay as you go airtime terms and conditions apply. To view a complete price list and full terms and conditions go to