Extra tariff terms & conditions

  1. You must top-up at least £15 per month to remain on the Extra tariff.
  2. A month will run for one calendar month, e.g. if you join Extra on the 28th of a month it will run until midnight of the 27th of the next month.
  3. The date you join the Extra tariff will be:
    a. For new Extra tariff customers: the date you make your first call on the tariff;
    b. For existing customers opting-in to the Extra tariff: the date the tariff is activated; or
    c. For Extra tariff customers transferred to the Standard tariff: the date you again top-up at least £15.
  4. If you do not top-up by at least £15 per month you will be moved to the Standard tariff (even if you opted-in to the Extra tariff from the Value tariff). Your Favourite Numbers will be re-instated, if previously registered, or you can register these with us.
  5. Customers who have already opted into the Extra tariff and are moved onto the Standard tariff because they did not top-up by £15, must top-up by £15 to be moved back onto the Extra tariff.
  6. Whilst you are on the Extra tariff you cannot register or change your Favourite Numbers. You also cannot purchase call and text Bundles. Any call and text Bundles still active when you join the Extra tariff can continue to be used until they expire.