Xtras: A smart new way to save on mobile bills

9 June 2016

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Partnerships with popular brands such as Doritos, Branston, British Airways and content-providers such as News UK mean customers can save money not just off their phone bill but on their favourite brands as well.

Tesco Xtras will be available for Pay monthly Android handset and SIM only customers.  Customers can opt in or out of the service at any time.

“At Tesco Mobile we’re committed to offering customers great value, simplicity and choice with exceptional rewards. Tesco Mobile Xtras, powered by Unlockd’s unique mobile platform, provides our customers with the chance to make savings that really add up.

“This innovative new service is a UK exclusive and we’re excited that our customers get to benefit first from this new technology,” said Anthony Vollmer, CEO of Tesco Mobile.

“Our UK launch with Tesco Mobile is an exciting partnership which will provide real value to consumers, saving them money and giving them access to great content and offers upon unlocking their phone. From the success of previous partnerships in Australia and the USA, we’ve seen a great uptake on the service as customers continue to seek value. We are looking forward to opening up this benefit to the UK market with Tesco Mobile,” said Matt Berriman, CEO and Co-Founder of Unlockd.

For more information and eligibility for Tesco Mobile Xtras please go to

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