The Mutts-have Gadget

1 April 2012

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Pet friendly handsets for pampered pooches?…we’re pulling your leg!


dog with phoneYou may have seen the news that Tesco Mobile was set to become the first mobile phone operator in the UK to introduce a range of mobile phone handsets and ‘pay per bark tariffs’ for the canine members of the family. The revolutionary doggy dial technology, or Petfone, was supposedly being manufactured by Welwyn Garden City based CanineComs.

Well, we’re sorry to say, that although we at Tesco Mobile view our four legged friends as very much part of the family, we don’t have any plans to extend our range of mobile offerings to pets just yet, so Rex, Lassie and Bonnie are going to have to wait for their mobile moment.

We’ll leave you with this gorgeous picture of Tesco Mobile’s very own pug Pugsley sporting the slim line handset. Happy April 1st everyone!

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